Stonewall Kitchen Sea Salt Espresso Martini Mixer, 24 oz
stonewall kitchen sea salt espresso martini mixer 24 oz

Espresso is one of the world’s most popular beverages, enjoyed by people all over the globe. But what if you could enjoy a delicious espresso martini without leaving your living room?

That’s where Burritt Bar comes in. In Los Angeles, Burritt Bar is a coffee shop specializing in espresso martinis.

What is Burritt Bar? If you’re looking for an inspired drink that will take your latte game to the next level, look no further than Burritt Bar. Here are four of the best espresso martini kits you can buy from Burritt Bar:

Burritt Bar is a coffee shop in Seattle that specializes in espresso martinis. The bar offers a variety of espresso martini kits, allowing customers to make their cocktails.

Burritt Bar also has a variety of other coffee drinks, including cold brew and nitro cold brew.

The Different Types of Espresso Martini Kits

There are a lot of different espresso martini kits out there, so it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

This article will examine the different types of espresso martini kits and explain what they offer.

Traditional Espresso Martini Kits

The traditional espresso martini kit contains all the necessary ingredients to make a delicious cocktail: espresso, vermouth, and gin. These kits usually come with detailed instructions on mixing and preparing the cocktails, making them perfect for beginners.

Some popular traditional espresso martini kits include the Mr. Boston Espresso Martini Kit and the Beefeater Espresso Martini Kit.

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Specialty Espresso Martini Kits

Specialty espresso martini kits have unique ingredients that add a special flavor or twist to your drink. For example, some kits include orange liqueur to create an orange-infused martini. Other specialty kits include woodsy flavors like cedar or hickory to give your cocktail a unique taste profile.

Some popular specialty espresso martini kits include the Harvester Espresso Martini Kit and the Aviation Gin & Tonic Espresso Martini Kit.

The Best Espresso Martini Kits

Espresso martinis are a popular drink and can be made with just about any type of liquor. However, the best espresso martini kits have precise instructions and all the necessary ingredients.

Here are five of the best espresso martini kits:

  • The Mr. Coffee Café EJK-ESPresso Maker Martini Mixer: This espresso martini kit comes with everything you need to make two delicious cocktails, including a professional-grade espresso maker, a jigger, and a recipe booklet.
  • La Colombe café ESPRESSO Maker Gift Set: This gift set includes an espresso machine, Aeropress coffee maker, milk frother, shaker cup, strainer, tamper, and recipes for both classic and experimental Espresso Martinis.
  • Hario V60 Espresso Mill: This is one of the most popular espresso martini kits because it’s easy to use and provides detailed instructions. It also includes a tamper and 280g burr grinder for superior quality results.
  • Carena Espresso Maker & Barista Essential Starter Kit: This kit comes with everything you need to make great espresso drinks at home, including an espresso machine and tamper, along with six fun recipes that will have you practicing your barista skills in no time.
  • DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine: If you’re looking for an advanced espresso machine that offers precise measurements and features like a milk frother, this is the kit for you. It also includes a built-in milk dispenser and adjustable cup height, making it perfect for home brewers and coffee enthusiasts.

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Pros and Cons of an Espresso Martini Kit

Consider many pros and cons before purchasing an espresso martini kit. The most crucial factor to consider is your preference for cocktails.

If you enjoy martinis, then an espresso martini kit is a great option. However, a mocha or Frappuccino kit might be better if you prefer sweet drinks.

Another essential factor to consider is the quality of the espresso maker. Not all espresso makers are created equal; some can produce poor-quality espresso.

Ensure that the machine you select has been certified by an independent laboratory and is known for producing high-quality espresso.

Lastly, purchase enough ingredients for your kit’s recipe(s). Most kits contain four or five recipes, so make sure you have enough coffee beans, liqueur, bitters, and ice cream to complete them.

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If you’re looking for the best espresso martini kits that money can buy, look no further than Burritt Bar.

These kits are perfect for anyone who loves a good espresso martini and wants to make it at home without any hassle.

Plus, they come with everything you need to get started, so there’s no need to worry about making mistakes or wasting time shopping around. When it comes to quality and convenience, Burritt Bar is hard to beat!

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Stonewall Kitchen Sea Salt Espresso Martini Mixer, 24 oz

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