Birdy Shaker By Erik
Birdy Shaker By Erik

Years of experience making precision parts for the auto industry serve as the best quality Birdy shakers.

Through eighteen months of testing and retesting polishing techniques, perfect smoothness that enhances efficiency yet softly shaves the ice was lastly discovered.

About Birdy Shaker

To a precision of .1 microns, expert craftsman micro-polishing every Birdy shaker by hand to achieve an optimally smoothed texture that delivers many benefits.

First, the vertical shape grains work with the rounded shoulders of the Birdy shakers to boost the velocity of the ice for fast chilling and reduce unnecessary ice damage that can make drinks taste watery.

Increased efficiency inside the cocktail shaker means a similar amount of energy outcomes in a better-blended drink, with the best quality of tiny air bubbles to enhance mouth feel.

Birdy Shaker
Birdy Shaker

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Three Piece Birdy Shaker By Erik

This Birdy shaker is a masterpiece of Japanese design that combines elegance and simplicity to make a bar too that assists professional bartenders in making better cocktails.

Every shaker is micro-polished by hand (As I mentioned earlier) to achieve the perfect surface smoothness that delivers the max amount of air bubbles and reduces the unwanted ice flaking.

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Features Birdy Shaker

  • Vertical grain to tailor your shake – usually, shakers are devices polished horizontally. However, the 3-piece birdy shaker has a vertical polished grain in the way the drink will travel to make kinetic energy to assist you to shake with extreme power.
  • Optimal smoothness – professional artisans utilize a ten-step procedure to micro polish every shaker by hand within .2 microns.
  • Rounded form for the ideal shake – the shouldered of traditional 3 piece cocktail shakers puts un-essential stress on ingredients and ice. The Birdy style is clean rounded into the perfect form to maximize efficiency and produce the best-blended drinks.

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Birdy Cocktail Shaker by Erik Lorincz

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