USAGI Cobbler Shaker
USAGI Cobbler Shaker

Most professional bartenders prefer using a two-piece Boston cocktail shaker, but we think the all-in-one since they need a separate shaker filter and a bit more skill.

USAGI Cobbler Shaker Wirecutter from Cocktail Kingdom is the most acceptable option for home bar startups.

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Wirecutter Best Cocktail Shaker

All three parts of the cocktail shaker, consisting of the tumbler, lid within the shaker strainer, and cap, were sung and did not leak in our testing, yet they were not very tight that it was hard to break them apart.

The 28oz storage is perfect for making two drinks at once. We also like that there is a slight ergonomic hollow in the cap of your index finger, making it very easy to hold while cocktail shaking.

USAGI Cobbler Shaker
USAGI Cobbler Shaker

The USAGI shaker is heavier and more solidly built than most of the other cobbler cocktails shaker we reviewed, and its supreme design is handsome enough to show on a bar cart in your house.

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Cocktail Kingdom Usagi Cobbler Shakers

The USAGI Cobbler Shaker has been in and out of stock due to extreme demand in Wirecutter, so if it is unavailable and you need a cobber cocktail shaker stat, you might consider the copper-plated variant.

Remember that copper tarnishes, so this one will need more maintenance if you want to look shiny, and the plating is usually a bit less durable than stainless steel.

Do you want to buy three pieces of Usagi cobbler shaker created by Cocktail Kingdom to shake this unique cocktail style? A tumbler and cap are integrated into a lid with the standard cobber parts and a filter.

In addition to its size, it is pretty simple to shake confidently and separately. The cocktail can be mixed and aerated with this shaker’s compact size and rounded shoulders.

You can drink two cocktails or twenty-eight ounces simultaneously with the Usagi.

This beverage bottle is insulated to keep drinks chill and has a lid to keep drinks safe.

  • For simple separation after shaking! Made to a high standard for a fast break after shaking!
  • The item is made from 18/8 stainless steel.
  • There is a capacity to hold two drinks. The following is the measurement in ounces (800ml).
  • Secure to cook in a dishwasher


  • A cocktail shaker is to use for professionals and beginners
  • A built-in strainer removes the need for a Hawthorne strainer
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Built-in strainer pieces can hardly get stuck after drinks are shaken.
  • Strainer might drip if cocktails are not poured rapidly enough
  • Plated finishes need hand washing (gold and copper)

Advantages of Usagi cobbler shaker

  • Big-capacity shakers permit preparing two cocktails at once.
  • It boasts a fantastic design due to the cavity in the cap for excellent handling.
  • A unique mix of design and utility makes it best for display and use
  • It also comes in a Copper variant, which needs more maintenance.
  • Heavier is design, structure, and build that gives durability

Usage cocktail shaker maintenance and cleaning tips

The best maintenance procedure of a usage cocktail shaker set is hidden in how you use it daily.

Muddle the mixture

Suppose you want to include fruit in the cocktail. Plus, mint juleps and mojitos also need muddling before being prepared.

Forever muddle right in the cocktail shaker. It will make sure that the ingredients combine well and equally.

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Separate the parts quickly

A Boston shaker has only two parts and no lid. Both the shakers are combined to shake and mix the cocktail. Anyway, while making a cocktail, you must include many ingredients and ice, making the tin Boston shakers too chill to handle for starters.

But, you must not wait to separate the two parts quickly after mixing. If done quickly, both parts will get stuck, decreasing the lifespan.

No overnight treats

Never leave anything sugary behind the bar overnight. This is the critical rule for maintaining the bar and everything connected to it, including your Usagi cocktail shaker set.

Plus, the area with the most dirt and residue was disinfected.

Clean frequently

To ensure the long life of the usage, is more cocktail shaker set, clean as you go. Because when you host a big event or party, you will find yourself surrounded by several things, and bottles will turn messy before you realize it.

Shake parallelly

Parallel shaking will save you from getting sad, as even if you split the cocktail, it will land on the shelf, in the area behind the bar, or with your coworkers.

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What to look for when buying a cocktail shaker


Shakers come in an extensive range of sizes and shapes. If you craft cocktails for several people at once, consider a more practical option that grips at least 28 ounces, providing you with lots of room for your drink and a bounty of ice. A standard twelve-ounce shaker will perform the trick if you love an end-of-day martini.


Lower-standard or painted metals will tarnish, rust, and chip over time, while high-standard stainless steel will remain glowing and looking new after years of happy hours.


The difference between the best shaker and a remarkable shaker is the seal. Testing out a shaker and reading the positive reviews will give you insight into how powerful the seal is. After all, you do not want your drink exploding all over you mid-shake.


There are many types of mixing products on the market. Price is a vital factor in deciding on the best outcome. The right product can be found within your budget.

Please do not pick a product based only on its price. You might be sad by the standard.

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What are the different types of cocktail shakers?

Shakers come in all sizes and forms, but two reigns: Boston and Cobbler. Cobber is a household favorite of 3 parts: a cap, a tin, and a built-in filter.

Expert bartenders tend to gravitate towards a Boston shaker. Composed of two twelve and twenty-eight-ounce mixing tins, these shakers give a strong natural seal and sufficient room for drink and ice.

What type of cocktail shaker is excellent for a beginner?

The Usagi cobbler shaker is excellent for starters to make cocktails. It has a robust seal between your tin and the filter and permits you to include your ingredients, shake them, and pour them out.

How do you use an Usagi cocktail shaker?

Start by filling your shaker with your cocktail ingredients. Then, fill the container with a good amount of ice (the less ice, the faster the drink will dilute).

Using a Boston shaker, cover your tins. Shake the tins perfectly until the sides have frosted over and are cool to the touch – usually around fifteen seconds or longer if working with egg whites. Strain to remove ice herbs, chunks, and citrus seeds, and serve! Next, if using an Usagi cobbler shaker, pop on the lid.

How do you prevent cocktail shakers from leaking?

The best shaker tin will make a firm seal mechanically. This will hugely depend on the standard of your shaker. If working with a Boston shaker, use the heel of your hand to make the seal tighter.

End words

It is not simple to find the best cocktail shaker set. This market is highly competitive, and there are lots of ineffective sets. These duds can be rejected by reading the reviews of the Usagi Cobbler Shaker and following our buying guide.

You will need an Usagi cocktail shaker to make your drink at the house, regardless of whether it is a mint julep or a Manhattan martini.

Usagi Heavyweight Cobbler Shaker - Copper-Plated / 500ml (17oz)

$79.99  in stock
as of September 25, 2023 1:59 pm

Cocktail Kingdom Usagi Heavyweight Cobbler Shaker - Gold Plated

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OXO SteeL Cocktail Shaker

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SNOWFOX Insulated Stainless Steel Margarita and Martini Cocktail, Shaker, 24-ounce

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Boston Shaker Set: Professional two-piece Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker set with Hawthorne Strainer and Japanese Jigger

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Premium Weighted Cocktail Shaker Set: Two-Piece Pro Boston Shaker Set. 18oz & 28oz Martini Drink Shaker

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Premium Cocktail Shaker Set: Two-Piece Pro Boston Shaker Set. Unweighted 18oz & Weighted 28oz Martini Drink Shaker made from Stainless Steel 304

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Viski 4284 Professional Heavyweight Cocktail Shaker, 17oz, Silver

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Barfly Cocktail Shaker, 24oz (700 ml), Stainless

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as of September 25, 2023 1:59 pm

Q: What is the USAGI Cobbler Shaker?

A: The USAGI Cobbler Shaker is a type of cobbler shaker made to an exacting standard for easy separation after shaking. It has a drink capacity of 500ml or 17oz.

Q: Is the USAGI Cobbler Shaker the best overall?

A: The USAGI Cobbler Shaker is highly regarded as one of the best cobbler shakers available.

Q: Are there any related products to the USAGI Cobbler Shaker?

A: There are related products, such as the USAGI jigger and other USAGI™ branded items.

Q: What makes the USAGI Cobbler Shaker different from other shakers?

A: The USAGI Cobbler Shaker is made to an exacting standard, ensuring easy separation after shaking. It is also known for its Japanese craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Q: How does the USAGI Cobbler Shaker compare to other stainless steel cobbler shakers?

A: The USAGI Cobbler Shaker stands out among other stainless steel shakers due to its elevated craft and superior quality.

Q: Is the USAGI Cobbler Shaker more popular than other shakers?

A: The USAGI Cobbler Shaker has gained popularity among cocktail enthusiasts and home bartenders for its functionality and elegant design.

Q: How many drinks can the USAGI Cobbler Shaker make at a time?

A: The USAGI Cobbler Shaker comprises three components and can typically shake enough ingredients to make one drink at a time.

Q: Does the USAGI Cobbler Shaker have a watertight seal?

A: The USAGI Cobbler Shaker features a twist-to-lock mechanism that ensures a watertight seal while shaking.

Q: Is the USAGI Cobbler Shaker easy to clean?

A: The USAGI Cobbler Shaker is easy to disassemble and clean after use. It is recommended to hand wash the shaker components.

Q: Where can I find more information about the USAGI Cobbler Shaker?

A: For more information about the USAGI Cobbler Shaker, visit the official website or contact customer support.