drink mixing starter supplies for novices beginner bartender kit
drink mixing starter supplies for novices beginner bartender kit

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of mixology? Look no further than our Drink Mixing Starter Supplies For Novices – Beginner Bartender Kit. Whether you’re a complete beginner or just looking to up your cocktail game, this kit has everything you need to get started. From essential tools to recipe books and even a few surprise ingredients, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to impress your friends and family with your newfound bartending skills. Cheers to your mixology adventure!

Essential Bar Tools

When it comes to mixology, you’ll definitely need a few basic tools to create delicious cocktails. Our beginner bartender kit includes all the essential bar tools you’ll need to get started. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Mixing Glass

The mixing glass is a must-have for any budding bartender. It’s where all the magic happens! This glass is designed to hold and mix multiple ingredients together, ensuring that the flavors blend perfectly. Whether you’re stirring up a classic Martini or creating a new cocktail masterpiece, a mixing glass is an absolute essential.

Cocktail Shaker

If you love your cocktails shaken, not stirred, then a cocktail shaker is your best friend. This stainless steel container with a built-in strainer allows you to shake up your ingredients, creating a refreshing and frothy concoction. From a classic Margarita to a trendy Espresso Martini, a cocktail shaker is a versatile tool that every bartender needs.

Bar Spoon

A bar spoon is not your ordinary spoon. It’s long, slender, and has a twisted handle that makes it easier to stir cocktails in tall glasses. The spoon’s length allows you to reach the bottom of the glass without dipping your hand in, ensuring a thorough mix of the ingredients. So, whether you’re stirring an Old Fashioned or a Negroni, a bar spoon is an invaluable tool.


If you’re into crafting cocktails with muddled fruits or herbs, a muddler is a must-have tool. This wooden or stainless steel tool is used to crush or muddle ingredients to release their flavors. From refreshing Mojitos to aromatic mint juleps, a muddler will take your cocktail game to the next level.


Accurate measurements are crucial in mixology, and that’s where a jigger comes in handy. This dual-sided measuring tool usually features two different capacities, typically 1 ounce and 1.5 ounces, making it easier to measure the perfect amount of spirits or mixers for your cocktails. With a jigger, you’ll be able to create balanced and consistent drinks every time.


Nobody likes a mouthful of ice or fruit pulp in their cocktail, which is why a strainer is an essential tool for any bartender. This handy device fits perfectly over the mouth of your shaker or mixing glass, ensuring that only smooth and chilled liquid pours into your glass. Strainers come in various types, from Hawthorne to Julep strainers, so choose the one that suits your mixing style.

Garnish Essentials

To take your cocktails to the next level, garnishes are essential. They not only enhance the visual appeal of your drink but also add enticing aromas and flavors. Let’s explore the must-have garnish essentials for your beginner bartender kit.

Citrus Peeler

A twist or a small spiral of citrus peel not only looks impressive but also adds a burst of essential oils to your cocktails. A citrus peeler is a handy tool that allows you to create perfect citrus twists with ease. Whether you’re garnishing a classic Martini or a refreshing Gin and Tonic, a citrus peeler will add that perfect touch of finesse.

Cocktail Picks

Cocktail picks are not just for practical purposes; they also add a touch of sophistication to your garnishes. These small skewers are perfect for spearing olives, cherries, or any other garnish you want to add to your cocktail. With a variety of shapes and designs available, you can personalize your cocktails and impress your guests with every sip.

Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail napkins are a small but essential part of any cocktail experience. They not only serve a functional purpose by keeping your hands and surfaces clean but also add a touch of elegance to your drink presentation. Available in a range of colors and designs, cocktail napkins are a simple and inexpensive way to elevate your cocktail game.


Just as a good wine glass enhances the taste and aromas of a fine wine, the right glassware can take your cocktails to new heights. Here are some of the essential glassware options every beginner bartender should have in their collection.

Rocks Glass

When it comes to serving cocktails on the rocks or sipping your favorite whiskey neat, a rocks glass is a must-have. With its sturdy design and wide opening, the rocks glass allows you to appreciate the colors, aromas, and flavors of your drink. From an Old Fashioned to a Whiskey Sour, a rocks glass is a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

Martini Glass

For those elegant and sophisticated cocktails like the iconic Martini, a Martini glass is an absolute essential. With its long stem and conical shape, the Martini glass not only looks visually stunning but also helps preserve the temperature of your drink. Whether you prefer a classic or a modern twist on the Martini, serving it in a Martini glass will always make a statement.

Collins Glass

Perfect for tall, refreshing cocktails, a Collins glass is a staple in any bartender’s arsenal. Its tall and slender design allows for plenty of ice, mixers, and garnishes, making it ideal for cocktails like the Tom Collins or the Mojito. With a Collins glass, you can create visually appealing drinks that are as refreshing as they are delicious.

Coupe Glass

If you’re a fan of vintage-inspired cocktails or champagne-based drinks, a coupe glass is a must-have. With its shallow shape and stem, the coupe glass adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your drinks. From classic Champagne cocktails to inventive dessert martinis, serving them in a coupe glass adds a touch of old-world glamour to your cocktail experience.

Highball Glass

When it comes to long drinks like the classic Gin and Tonic or a tall glass of Rum and Coke, a highball glass is the way to go. Its tall and narrow design holds plenty of ice and mixers, keeping your drink cool and refreshing. With a highball glass, you can easily build layered and visually stunning cocktails that are perfect for any occasion.

Mixers and Ingredients

Great cocktails are all about the right mix of flavors and ingredients. Here are some essential mixers and ingredients that every beginner bartender should have in their toolkit.

Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is a bartender’s secret weapon for adding sweetness and balance to cocktails. It’s a mixture of equal parts sugar and water, melted and cooled to create a syrupy consistency. From classic cocktails like the Daiquiri to modern favorites like the Margarita, simple syrup is a versatile ingredient that can elevate the flavor profile of any drink.


Bitters are concentrated flavorings made from herbs, spices, and botanicals. Just a few drops can transform a cocktail, adding depth, complexity, and a hint of bitterness. Whether you’re creating a classic Old Fashioned or experimenting with a new creation, having a selection of bitters on hand will allow you to explore a world of flavors.

Fresh Citrus Juice

The zingy and vibrant flavors of fresh citrus juice can make all the difference in a cocktail. From lemons to limes and oranges, having a supply of fresh citrus fruits and a juicer on hand is crucial for any bartender. Whether you’re squeezing a splash of lemon juice into a Whiskey Sour or adding a twist of lime to your Margarita, fresh citrus juice will give your cocktails that extra pop of flavor.

Soda Water

Soda water, also known as sparkling water or club soda, is a versatile mixer that adds effervescence and refreshment to cocktails. It’s perfect for lengthening drinks and adding a bubbly texture. Whether you’re making a classic Gin Fizz or a non-alcoholic mocktail, soda water is a staple in any bartender’s toolkit.

Tonic Water

Tonic water is a must-have mixer if you’re a fan of the classic Gin and Tonic. Its unique bitter and slightly sweet flavor profile pairs perfectly with gin, creating a refreshing and timeless cocktail. Additionally, tonic water can also be used in other creative cocktails or enjoyed on its own as a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage.


Grenadine is a sweet and fruity syrup that adds a vibrant red color and a hint of sweetness to cocktails. It’s a versatile ingredient that can be used to create classic cocktails like the Tequila Sunrise or the Shirley Temple. From adding a dash to your favorite tropical drink to creating visually stunning layered cocktails, grenadine brings both flavor and aesthetics to your creations.

Spirit Selection

No bar is complete without a well-rounded selection of spirits. Here are some essential spirits that every beginner bartender should have in their collection.


Vodka is a versatile and neutral spirit that forms the base for many classic and contemporary cocktails. It’s perfect for creating refreshing drinks like the Moscow Mule or the Cosmopolitan. With its smooth and clean flavor profile, vodka is a must-have for any beginner bartender.


Gin is a spirit that is beloved by many cocktail enthusiasts for its complex flavors and versatility. From classic cocktails like the Negroni and the Martini to innovative creations, gin is a spirit that can elevate any cocktail. With its blend of botanicals and aromatic herbs, gin adds a unique and refreshing twist to your drink creations.


If you’re a fan of tropical and Caribbean-inspired cocktails, rum is a must-have spirit in your beginner bartender kit. Whether you prefer white rum for refreshing Mojitos or dark rum for rich and flavorful Piña Coladas, rum brings a taste of the tropics to your cocktail creations.


Tequila is the spirit of choice for margaritas and other Mexican-inspired cocktails. With its distinct agave flavor and a range of styles, from Blanco to Añejo, tequila offers a variety of flavor profiles to suit any palate. Whether you enjoy your tequila in a classic Margarita or a refreshing Paloma, having this spirit on hand is essential for any aspiring bartender.


Whiskey is a spirit that takes time and craftsmanship to produce, and its rich flavors and aromas make it a favorite in cocktail bars around the world. From the smoky and peaty flavors of Scotch whisky to the sweet and oaky notes of American bourbon, whiskey offers a range of possibilities for cocktail enthusiasts. With its timeless appeal, whiskey is a must-have spirit in your beginner bartender kit.


Bourbon is an American whiskey that has gained popularity for its unique flavor profile and its role in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned and the Whiskey Sour. With its rich and slightly sweet notes, bourbon adds depth and complexity to any cocktail. Whether you’re sipping it neat or mixing it into a cocktail, having a bottle of bourbon in your collection is a must for any bourbon enthusiast.

Bar Accessories

To create cocktails like a pro, you’ll need more than just spirits and mixers. Here are some essential bar accessories that will make your bartending experience easier and more enjoyable.

Ice Bucket

No cocktail is complete without a generous serving of ice. An ice bucket is a practical and stylish way to keep your ice cubes or crushed ice ready for use. With a well-insulated ice bucket, you can ensure that your ice stays cold and readily available throughout your cocktail-making session.

Mixer Bottles

When it comes to making larger batches of cocktails or prepping ingredients in advance, mixer bottles are indispensable. These bottles allow you to mix and store your pre-made cocktail mixes or homemade syrups. With their convenient pour spouts, mixer bottles make it easy to create consistent and flavorful cocktails without the need for individual mixing every time.

Bar Mats

Bar mats may seem like a small detail, but they play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and organization behind the bar. These rubber or silicone mats provide a non-slip surface where you can rest your tools, preventing them from rolling or sliding. A bar mat also absorbs any spills or drips, keeping your bar area clean and safe.

Pour Spouts

Pour spouts are an essential accessory for any bartender who wants to achieve accurate and controlled pouring. These spouts attach to the neck of your liquor bottles, allowing you to pour precise amounts of spirits without wastage or spills. With pour spouts, you can create consistent cocktails and keep your bar area neat and tidy.

Measuring Tools

Accurate measurements are a key element in creating perfectly balanced cocktails. Here are some essential measuring tools that every beginner bartender should have in their repertoire.

Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are a staple in any kitchen, but they are equally important behind the bar. With a set of measuring cups, you can accurately measure larger quantities of mixers or juices for your cocktails. From a splash of lime juice to a precise amount of simple syrup, measuring cups ensure that your drinks taste just as they should.

Measuring Spoons

When it comes to precise measurements of smaller quantities, measuring spoons are the way to go. With their varying sizes, measuring spoons allow you to add just the right amount of bitters, garnishes, or other flavorings to your cocktails. Whether it’s a teaspoon of grenadine or a pinch of salt, measuring spoons ensure that you get the perfect balance of flavors in your drink.

Fruit Preparation Tools

Fresh fruit is a key ingredient in many cocktails, and having the right tools for fruit preparation is essential. Here are some tools that will make working with fruit a breeze.

Citrus Juicer

When life gives you lemons (or limes or oranges), a citrus juicer will ensure that you get every last drop of juice. From hand-held citrus juicers to electric juicers, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re squeezing citrus for a classic Margarita or extracting juice for a tangy Tom Collins, a citrus juicer will make the process quick and efficient.

Fruit Knife

A sharp and reliable fruit knife is a must-have tool for any bartender. Whether you’re slicing fruit wedges as garnishes or creating intricate citrus twists, a fruit knife will make the task effortless. Look for a knife with a sharp and sturdy blade that can handle various types of fruits, ensuring clean and precise cuts every time.


A zester is a small handheld tool used to grate the zest of citrus fruits. This fine, aromatic zest adds a burst of flavor to cocktails and can be used as a simple garnish or an ingredient in syrups or marmalades. With a zester, you can easily create beautiful and flavorful accents for your drinks, adding that extra touch of sophistication.

Cleaning Supplies

A clean and organized bar area is essential for any bartender. Here are some cleaning supplies that will help you maintain a spotless and hygienic workspace.

Bar Towels

Bar towels are a staple in any bartender’s arsenal. These absorbent and durable towels are perfect for wiping down surfaces, cleaning spills, and drying glassware. With a stack of bar towels at your disposal, you can keep your bar area clean and ensure that your cocktails are presented in pristine condition.

Spray Bottle

A spray bottle filled with a mixture of water and sanitizer is a handy tool for keeping your bar area clean and germ-free. Whether it’s disinfecting surfaces or spritzing glassware before use, a spray bottle allows you to easily distribute the cleaning solution without excessive wastage. With regular use, a spray bottle will help you maintain a clean and hygienic bar environment.

Cleaning Brush

A cleaning brush is a valuable tool for scrubbing hard-to-reach areas like shaker tins, glassware, or bar tools. With its durable bristles, a cleaning brush makes quick work of removing any residue or stubborn stains. From cleaning straws to getting into the nooks and crannies of your shaker, a cleaning brush is an essential addition to your cleaning supplies.

Additional Resources

If you’re eager to expand your cocktail knowledge or refine your bartending skills, there are plenty of additional resources available to help you along the way.

Cocktail Recipe Books

Cocktail recipe books are a treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge for any budding bartender. From classic cocktail recipes to innovative creations, these books offer step-by-step instructions, tips, and techniques. Whether you’re a fan of vintage-inspired cocktails or modern mixology, investing in a few cocktail recipe books will broaden your horizons and provide endless inspiration.

Online Recipe Databases

In this digital age, the internet is a go-to resource for cocktail enthusiasts. Online recipe databases offer a vast collection of cocktail recipes, from the classics to the latest trends. With just a few clicks, you can access recipes, ingredient guides, and even instructional videos to help you create the perfect drink. Take advantage of these online resources to expand your cocktail repertoire and experiment with new flavors.

Bartending Courses

If you’re serious about taking your bartending skills to the next level, consider enrolling in a bartending course. These courses provide hands-on training, teaching you the techniques and skills required to mix, stir, and shake like a pro. From basic cocktail knowledge to advanced mixology techniques, bartending courses offer a comprehensive learning experience that will help you master the art of bartending.

In conclusion, starting your journey as a novice bartender is an exciting adventure. With the right tools, garnishes, glassware, mixers, and ingredients, you’ll be well-equipped to create delicious and visually stunning cocktails. Don’t forget to invest in bar accessories, measuring tools, fruit preparation tools, and cleaning supplies to maintain a clean and organized workspace. Finally, take advantage of additional resources like cocktail recipe books, online recipe databases, and bartending courses to expand your knowledge and refine your skills. Cheers to your new passion for mixology!